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Rules for pet trasnport to uk, to Ireland after the BREXIT

➔ Hold a valid European Pet passport or a Third country certificate delivered and properly filled in by an official vet as a travel document. (Third country certificate holders must travel with the necessary supporting documents). Visit www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad/pet-passport for more information.
➔ Be microchipped. Chip number and implantation date must be recorded on travel documentation by a vet. Microchipping must happen before or on the same day as the first rabies vaccination. Please make sure to travel with your pets previous passport if your pet holds a new one and the microchipping date in the new passport is reported as being a reading date. The order of preparation might not be valid if no booster vaccination follows the reading date.
➔ Be vaccinated against rabies with a signed and dated veterinary certificate. Your pet cannot enter the UK until 21 days after the first vaccination (vaccination date = day 0). Subsequent entries to the UK do not require a waiting period if all rabies vaccinations are up to date and recorded. If the booster vaccination has not been administered by the ‘valid until’ date, a new waiting period of 21 days will be necessary.
➔ For dogs only: A tapeworm treatment must be administered by a vet no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours before entering to the UK. The treatment date and time must be reported on the passport. Please note that the product’s name must be recorded on the travel document and must contain prazicantel to comply with the Pet travel scheme.
➔ Clinical examination has to be done 24-48 hours before.
➔ Pets that are being rehomed to a new owner in another EU country must be recorded onto the electronic tracking system TRACES by a government vet in the departure country a few days before the pet´s leaves. TRACES are valid for no more than 10 days. The person, shelter or other organisation organising the pet´s departure must arrange this. The departure address or organisation must be recognised as suitable and be approved by the government vet.
➔ NEW RULES of dog transport to uk AFTER BREXIT – every pet must be recorder onto the new UK system IPAFFS before import (we will help you with that) and your pet must be accompanied with EU (country of origin) EXPORT HEALTH CERTIFICATE and Intra trade health certificate, you will get both certificates from government vet in departure country, those are necessary for pet transport to ireland and to uk.
➔ Every import of a pet must be accompained with customs declaration, you will need EU EXPORT DECLARATION and UK IMPORT declaration and pay IMPORT VAT 20% of the price of the pet and price of the transport. We will help you to do all of this. Custom agent’s fee is 150GBP for all.
➔ There is a deposit fee for secure space that need to be paid in advance to our account. The reservation fee is non-refundable.

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