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We are offering 2 different transports EXPRESS and STANDARD

Standard pet transport

- Pet need to have two health certificates from government veterinary office and IPAFF

- customs declaration and import VAT

Express pet transport

- Pet needs to have only valid pet passport

-Only 5 pets are traveling

-Delivery will take around 1 day

Informations below are for EXPRESS and also for STANDARD transport

- new vehicles with GPS tracking, air con, heating and ventilation

- air condition and ventilation

- Approved company EU and UK

- Approved vehicle EU and UK

- Approved drivers fog long journeys type 2 by SVSSR and APHA (DEFRA)

We are always looking after of your pet during the whole journey. Every 4 hours during the transfer we stop on rest areas where we provide fresh food, fresh water and fresh air for your pet. During the whole journey, we are trying to provide the best quality service to your pet and we are trying to ensure that the journey is for them with no stress but also mainly secured! All pets are transported with new fully modified vans for pet transport approved by APHA/DEFRA in UK and approved in EU by State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak republic with fitted plastic boxes inside. In the car are always present 2 certificated drivers, who are fully trained/educated in the course of pet transporting service for long journeys. Furthermore because in the car are present always 2 certificated drivers the transport is also secured! The length of the time travelling depends on whether your are sending your pet from the UK or Ireland and whether your lovely home animals is travelling to The Czech Republic or to Slovakia or to another EU country.

Our transport service is using door-to-door method and we always provide high quality comfort to your pets. We are using only new fully modified vans for pet transport approved by APHA/DEFRA in UK and approved in EU with fitted plastic boxes inside. All vans has air condition, heating and electric ventilation in the back of a van, all our vehicles has GPS tracking. We do understand how stresfull experience for your pet the long time travelling could be. For this reason, we are trying to do our best to reduce or even eliminated stress for them.

Every pet must have a valid PET Passport prepared in advance in order to pass all checks on all states borders. If some information are missing in the PET Passport and your pet is not allowed to travel to some states, we are not taking any responsibilities associated with extra costs that needed to be paid. Furthermore in this case all transport expenses associated with your pet must be paid in full. In a case of any problems that might arise during the journey, we always immediately contact the owner of the pet and provide all necessary support to resolve the problem. More information about could be found on our the sub-page.

There is 150 EUR for a reservation from the full delivery service fee that need to be paid in advance to our account.

From our own experience we know that everyone wants to ensure that his/her pet is transported quickly and securely. For this reason we would like to remind you that even when your veterinary ensures you that the PET passport of your pet is valid and consist all required information, we almost always find some incorrect information. Almost every one of four of the PET passports consist incomplete information either wrong date is provided or wrong stamp is issued. You can prevent of this problem by contacting us FOR FREE OF CHARGE and we very readily explain to your local veterinary what information are needed to be included in the PET Passport of your pet.